Accurate Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc
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Accurate Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc. (ADAT) is located at 10039 Bissonnet Street, Suite 120, Houston, Texas 77036,  and is a registered woman-owned, Historically Underutilized  Business (HUB).

Victoria Perreault, President of Accurate Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc. is certified by DATIA as a Regional Certified Professional Collector Trainer, Certified Designated Employer Representative Trainer, Intoximeter Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor, and is a Drug & Alcohol Program Administrator. Victoria has worked in the industry 13 years and opened ADAT in the fall of 2008. Desiree’ Perreault, Vice-President of ADAT is certified as a collector, a breath alcohol technician, and is the daily Director of Operations. Desiree’ instituted the Child Identification Card program at ADAT.

ADAT offers personalized services ranging from federally mandated drug and alcohol testing to DNA collections. ADAT takes pride in helping employers make the best choices possible for providing a drug free workplace. ADAT recognizes that employers have a high set of standards, and we encourage you to join us in creating a program that fits both your budget and your company needs, encompassing the same high set of standards.

All ADAT staff is certified in drug collections, breath alcohol testing, hair collections, live-scan finger printing, and DNA collections by an in-house instructor that oversees quality control. We provide regular in-service training to all staff members on federal regulations as changes occur. We offer DNA paternity, immigration, family relationship, and genetic testing, as well as employee education and supervisor training programs mandated under DOT regulations and non-DOT companies. ADAT staff is also TWIC credentialed

Whether your company requires mandated drug and alcohol testing, or whether you have made the company decision to institute a drug free workplace program, ADAT is prepared to assist you.