Accurate Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc
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▪ Hair Testing for Drugs Can give a 90-day look-back for drug use.

▪ Breath Alcohol Testing The Alco –Sensor IV Blue Dot testing devices + Alco-Sensor V.

▪ Mobile Collection Can provide 24/7 on-site (Self-Contained / Self Sufficient) Drug and Alcohol testing with our Mobile Unit.

▪ MRO Services Licensed Medical Physician specially trained to interpret drug test results.

▪ 1-Hour Screening Results EMIT screen provided by eScreen.

▪ 15-Minute Point of Collection Used primarily as an indicator only.

▪ DPS Fingerprinting Fingerprinting provided by appointment only through L1-dentity Solutions.

▪ DNA Testing/Paternity Testing Chromosomal Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona provides rapid and accurate test results.

▪ Breath Alcohol Technician Training and certification available.

▪ DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training and Certification available.

▪ DOT Mandated Supervisor and Employee Training Meets all federal requirements.

▪ Child Identification Cards Provides DNA, finger prints, photo, dental charts, descriptive write-up (scars and identifying marks) for a child in the event of an emergency.